Our clients often don’t believe that anyone can learn to make an animation, feeling it’s something only professional studios like Aardman and Disney can do. Well over the last 10 years we’ve proven that any team can create their very own stop-motion animation in only a few short hours.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check our event films below that show exactly how our creative indoor activities work and what you can expect on the day.

Claymation: Our Plasticine Event

See how teams create their own Wallace and Gromit-style film with our hands-on Claymation activity. Being our most popular away day, delegates love re-visiting their childhood and getting stuck in with Plasticine. Our professional staff will bring all of the colours in the rainbow giving participants the chance to be really inventive with their creations.

Our event film gives you an insight into each stage of our sessions, designed to push creative boundaries and engage staff in a productive way. You will see participants being briefed before they begin storyboarding and writing a script which is key when creating a narrative for a film.

Brick films: LEGO film making event

Everyone loves LEGO™, with it now named the number one brand in the world. What’s amazing about LEGO™ is it brings great enjoyment to all and is accessible to everyone. At our Brick Film event you will not only build with LEGO™ but everyone also gets the chance to have a go at stop-motion animation. Groups will construct sets and props from thousands of LEGO™ bricks before bringing them to life. Our Brick Film events are very attractive to clients looking to increase creativity in the workplace and re-energise teams as building with LEGO™ encourages greater bonding and communication skills.

Quick Builds: Short construction activities

Our quick build sessions are tons of fun. Using either LEGO™ or Plasticine they are ideal for shorter sessions, break out events and conferences. Designed to unite teams and encourage collaboration we see delegates being set fun challenges with results scored on time completed, creativity and technique. We have 101 tried and tested ideas for what can be created and we give clients the chance to incorporate relevant company goals as well. Check out our quick builds video to catch a glimpse of the tallest giraffe being built!

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