Let’s face it, not everyone is thrilled to hear the words ‘team building’. Two very simple, seemingly inoffensive words, yet when placed together instantly conjure up feelings of awkwardness, boredom and dread. Two words that can cause even the calmest and relaxed worker to instantly develop a sense of angst and impending doom as they’re forced to take part in an activity designed ultimately to strengthen a team’s ability to work together.

Time away from your growing workload, spending ‘quality time’ with people you already spend 42.5hrs a week with (and counting) and sharing a version of the ‘real you’ with the very people you don’t want to see it. Colleagues try to beat the system like a coder hacking the mainframe, strategically timed off-site meetings are scheduled, people play the sickness card, answers are prepped beforehand for anticipated exercises ‘3 truths and a lie you say, no problem – I’ve met Madonna, I speak 3 languages, I make spaghetti from scratch [fist-bump & wink to adjacent colleague]’. It’s enough to bring on an anxiety-induced comer.

Now breathe.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The good news is the team building industry has become privy to these negative connotations and (let’s face it) boring ice breakers. HR departments are looking beyond the traditional methods used to bond a team and boost morale. For the most part, the approach is changing. And the volume of amazing activities available is growing. I mean, teams can now solve their very own Crime Scene Investigation (or CSI to those who love a TV crime series). From Kayaking to Karaoke (maybe take a rain check on karaoke, unless of course, you are Head of Talent at Sony Records), Cook-offs to Animation (sign me up), if you can think it you can most probably do it. And let’s face it, that’s GREAT.

So when it comes to a team building get close to the decision maker, pick an activity that you and your team will LOVE and put those persuasion skills you learnt on your previous team event into action. It will pay off in dividends and your team, and business will love you for it [fist bump].

And if you’re still reading and it’s an animation team building event that caught your eye then look no further……we do just that. WOW right? You can find out heaps more right here. ENJOY.