As well as being asked how team building can benefit your company, people are often keen to learn how a typical session is structured. So, we’ve put together this example itinerary to show how our creative indoor team building events work and what you can expect in a standard 3 hour session. Of the three activities we offer, our Quick Build sessions can run anywhere between 10 minutes – 2 hours, whereas our Brick Films and Claymation events can run between 2 hours – and a full day. This example itinerary is therefore only applicable to our Brick Film and Claymation activities.

In order for you to get the most out of your creative event, we can tailor timings within the session to any specific requirements. So for example, if you are an arty bunch and want to spend a little more time making models before animating, that’s no problem. We typically find the most suitable venues to be conference rooms or hotels, as they fit our agenda perfectly. You can download our venue requirement info sheet for more information.

Setting up the event

An hour before the event is due to start our team will arrive at the venue to set-up all equipment and materials. We supply everything that you’re going to need for the session, including LEGO bricks or Plasticine (depending on the chosen activity). We bring laptops with professional animation software installed, along with the crafty stuff like scissors, coloured paper, sharpies, sculpting tools… and not forgetting baby wipes to clean up with after.


When everything is ready to go, delegates will enter the room and find their seats. We can keep it really simple and ask them to sit anywhere, or you can devise a seating plan for assigned teams. We normally suggest 10 delegates to a team. We then start with a quick intro before briefing the group. We will work with you before the event to create an engaging brief which can be themed to suit a desired topic or company focus. Previous examples have included ‘Our company successes in the last 12 months’, ‘Make a TV advert’, or ‘New Years Resolutions’.

Create an idea

Teams will work together to brainstorm ideas for their film based on the brief.  Each group will write a script or simply bullet point some ideas, before putting pen to paper and storyboarding the film’s key scenes. During this time our staff will make their way round the groups to see that everyone is on track and help get the creative juices flowing!

model making

Making models

After storyboarding everyone will be itching to get hands-on and begin making characters, sets and props. As well as the materials allocated to each group we also make sure there is an additional supply of LEGO or plasticine that delegates can access throughout the session. This always adds to the fun as people will compete against one another to hunt for that perfect missing brick or plasticine colour!


Once models have been built, teams are ready to start animating. Groups will move to their animation stations and our team of animation professionals will present a quick and easy tutorial for the stop-motion animation software. This typically takes no more than 5 minutes. During animation delegates can switch roles so that each member gets a full flavour of the film-making production process.  Our team will always be on-hand to offer industry tips and tricks, helping you create brilliant, super slick films.


Screening the films

When the animation is complete, the whole group comes together for the premiere screening. One person from each team is nominated to come to the front and present their film, which is great for improving public speaking and presentation skills. If your teams are a competitive bunch, prizes can also be awarded. And to top it all off, for our Claymation activities, delegates also get to take their amazing creations home with them. All of which adds to the benefit of how our activities have an influence after your event.

To find out more about our team building events contact us or fill in our quick quote form here.