With conference season upon us we’ve come up with a range of creative activities tailored to inspire and focus your team, ready for the challenges ahead in Q4. Whether you’ve got 20 minutes, 1 hour or half a day to entertain your attendees, getting them thinking creatively has a host of benefits that everyone can take back to the office.

We understand that at a conference time is precious so choosing an activity which doesn’t feel boring or intimidating is important. We’ve created a number of quick tasks using LEGO and Plasticine which can be done between sessions and are great for group ice-breakers or challenges. These brilliantly simple and creative bite-size activities last for no longer than twenty minutes each and are perfect for indoor breakout sessions:

Sculpt a Selfie

Everyone loves a selfie right? We’ll bring our endless supply of Plasticine so that you can have fun sculpting a selfie of your own face, the face of someone in your team or even someone famous. This challenge suits fun crowds and brings teams closer together for long-lasting collaboration.


Delegates compete against the clock to build their company logo using Lego bricks which are then judged on likeness to determine the winning team. Designed to teach problem-solving and foster communication, this activity is a real hit for animation team building events.

Build the tallest Giraffe

This timed challenge sees teams attempt to build the tallest giraffe using LEGO bricks. Once the timer is up we ask each group to bring their giraffes to the judging table in true bake-off style. This challenges delegates to think strategically and gives everyone a chance to learn each other’s unique communication styles and thought processes.

Media build

For this challenge we provide a limited number of LEGO bricks and teams are required to build something topical from the news. This encourages delegates to use resources efficiently and work together toward a shared goal.

The Final Countdown

To end the quick build session we usually round up with our master build. This challenge leaves it up to the delegates to build one last sculpture that represents the company’s brand. This enables teams to be as creative as possible, while embracing company values and sharing their ideas.

If you want to get creative this season you can learn more by watching our Quick Builds short film here:

All of our events are tailored to suit your aims of the day and we can create an itinerary that works for you. To find out more about our other event packages such as Brick Films and Claymation you can get an insight into how the sessions are run here. Or simply contact our team to find out more of fill out our quick quote form online.