In today’s climate it is more important than ever to promote creative thinking within the workplace. Team bonding through a creative activity is the perfect way to kick off 2019 for you and your organisation.

The ability to solve problems in quick and original ways is one of the main skills needed in a productive team. In order to develop problem solving techniques, a creative mindset should be encouraged and developed. Having days in which your team is given the opportunity to think and develop their creative side is the ideal way to cultivate this mindset.

Creativity promotes social interaction and encourages individuals to speak freely, making many tasks a lot easier for those who would ordinarily see group situations as challenging. Creative environments also help teams operate at the same level by removing internal politics and hierarchy.

Staff morale is a key factor in any business. Over time jobs can become monotonous, and employee passion can diminish. A creative team-building event can help give your employees fresh impetus, motivation and demonstrates that your company is invested in the personal development of staff. It’s simple; happy staff are productive staff.

How your company appears to others is also a crucial element in running a successful business. By cultivating a creative working environment, you promote dynamic and innovative values around your business that will inevitably make you a more desirable company to work with, both in terms of new staff and potential clients.

Every Animation Team Building activity is grounded in creativity and fun, with the main focus of each session being to make something completely original that you and your team can be proud of. LEGO is arguably one of the most creative toys ever invented. LEGO develops imaginations, promotes problem-solving skills and is completely accessible to all abilities. When working in one of our Brick-Films sessions, you will get the opportunity to build full sets and characters that will go into making an animated film completely created by you from the ground up.

For those of you who love animated characters like Wallace & Gromit, we also have our Claymation team bonding activity. These events will allow you to literally mould your own film out of Plasticine and bring it to life with the power of stop-motion animation. From characters to props, every element is modelled and animated by you and your team from scratch.  The finished films will then be shown on the big screen in your very own film premier.

If you’d like to book a creative event for your team in 2019, we run events around the country from London to Cardiff, click here to complete a quick quote form or call 020 3393 3038.