As you may well know our team building activities Brick Films and Claymation ooze creativity and are proving more and more popular because they increase creative thinking in the work place. Attendees claiming themselves to be ‘uncreative’ are being empowered to become script writers, model-makers and animators.

storyboardingA recent IBM study of 1,500 CEO’s revealed that creativity is the single most important skill for leaders. So by taking your team outside the office and exposing them to 100,000 LEGO bricks or enough Plasticine to sink the Titanic they will have no choice but to get inventive and hands on.

Many leaders in business understand the importance of creativity in reaching goals, which is why our animation events have become increasingly popular for conferences, corporate events and away days. Our events aim to reenergise teams, developing innovation and inspiring creativity to take back into the work place.

team buildingAn article by Quartz stated that to achieve maximum performance organisations must harness cognitive diversity and creativity. A series of experiments revealed that cognitive diversity in the workplace leads to greater creativity, resulting in more inclusive, collaborative environments. It’s these environments that encourage forward thinking and promote the implementation of new ideas.

animationOur sessions are designed to push creative boundaries, thus making organisations more effective in the long run. We can turn any goals into fun and engaging creative experiences and before each event will work with clients to create a brief that can be themed to suit any focus or incorporate your company values.

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