The news you will be taking part in a team building event doesn’t always have the desired response. And then you find out that you’re the one lumbered with the task of organising it, where do you begin? How do you avoid the feeling of dread as people hear the words ‘Team Building’ and thoughts of awkward icebreakers and forced niceties fill their heads? Time away from the day to day can be really beneficial for a team after all, ‘a change is as good as a rest’ as the saying goes. Here are some helpful tips on what to look out for when organising a team building event that doesn’t disappoint.

1. What do you want to get out of the session?
Sometimes teams just need a break. They’ve been working hard and are in need of a recharge. Other times teams are new to each other, fresh off the back of a reorganisation and would benefit from learning about each other’s quirks. Whatever is your desired outcome for the event, make it clear and agree on the output from the start, to ensure the session is focused and objectives are clear.

2.  In the words of ABBA, Money, Money, Money
Know your budget. Team Building events vary in price depending on what the event is and how many people will be taking part. Although it’s not always possible, it’s always best to have the budget agreed in the beginning as it helps to keep the planning process as simple as possible.

3. How many people are coming?
Do you have 5 or 500 delegates down to participate? Numbers matter. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have 500 people having a crack at chocolate making in a small local chocolatier and nor do you want only 5 people attempting to recreate the Thriller music video, that will just never do. Once you know your numbers you can think about what might be an appropriate event.

4. You Google ‘Best Team Building Events’…
And sift through the plethora of events on offer ranging from the extravagant to the obscure. What you’re really looking for is maximum participation and minimal resistance. You need the event to excite and engage and ultimately be memorable. There are so many events available from scavenger hunts to baking, from archery to making your very own stop-motion animation. The options are varied and plentiful. Choose what will interest YOUR team.

5. Make sure time flies by….
Clock watching is a no-no. There’s no right answer here, it really depends on the event itself and what you’ve set out to achieve. Just remember not to take too long about it. You don’t want people to get bored….or hungry for that matter. Many events run between 2hr to 6hrs to cater for all requirements, so just pick a duration that works for you and your team.

6. Don’t forget the venue…
It sounds obvious but some events will have specific room requirements. Or it could be that you would prefer to take the team off-site, lowering the risk of people heading back to their desks during the coffee break only never to return for the rest of the event (you know who you are). Just make sure you know where you want to host your event and that the venue has enough of everything you will need from plug sockets to toilets, from chairs to parking. The venue plays a big part in making the day enjoyable.

7. Don’t let the bellies rumble
Keep those sugar levels buoyant. No one wants to crash and burn halfway through an event. Make sure there are plenty of refreshments throughout the session to keep the thirst quenched and the tummies full.

8. And then you should be all set….
All that’s left is to sit back and bask in the knowledge that you’ve done your team proud by hosting an event they’re going remember for months…maybe even years to come!!