60 years ago, a building block was invented which has now turned into one of the most exciting and influential toys in the world – the LEGO™ brick. We’ve taken a look at why our Brick Film team building events are proving to be more and more popular for indoor activities, corporate events and office away days. After all, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on our collection of over 100,000 bricks?

The LEGO™ brick has proven timeless due to its great quality, opportunity for constant reinvention and endless hours of fun. The great thing about LEGO™ is everyone can use it, everyone feels at ease to pick up a brick and knows exactly what to do with it. We work with a variety of companies and no matter how great or small participants are never too shy to start building and creating from the word GO.

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LEGO™ is universal and takes us back to our youth, giving us that great nostalgic feeling. Whether playing with it as child or with your own children, we’ve all been there. It’s encouraged from a young age as playing with LEGO™ is about the joy of building and gives every child the chance to shape their own world through inventive play. 60 years on, the same applies to adults and is the reason we use LEGO™ for our award winning animation team building events.

During a Brick Film session, teams get the chance to storyboard, model make and animate their very own animations using LEGO™. Delegates love delving into the pile of LEGO™ we bring along, competing with their colleagues to hunt down a particular brick or character.

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Clients looking to book their next away day, summer event or Christmas activity often ask how our Brick Film or Claymation events are going to benefit them. Usually they are seeking these types of results; to enthuse and motivate staff, develop innovation and increase productivity amongst teams. Building with bricks and using LEGO™ to make your own props, sets and characters encourages imagination and opens up the mind to think creatively.

Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer at the LEGO™ Group says:
“LEGO play is powered by imagination and curiosity, and the LEGO brick is at the very heart of it – putting the bricks together and taking them apart over and over, with imagination as your only limit. This helps minds to stay open, keep exploring and develop skills as creativity, collaboration and problem solving,”

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Working within a team and using LEGO™ to get across your story or idea encourages forward thinking and promotes the implementation of new ideas, another reason why everyone turns to us for team building. LEGO™ not only appeals to all generations but it remains as fun and relevant today as it was in 1958. However creative or non-creative you are, our LEGO™ events are specifically designed to suit all ages and complete beginners. We pride ourselves on the fact an alien could land from Mars and our team will teach them how to model make with LEGO™ and how to use our animation software super quick.

If you want to find out more about these activities, the benefits of team building or what to expect from a session then get in touch with us at info@animationteambuilding.com or by calling 01843 446543.