We’ve got 10 years’ experience helping teams create their own Wallace and Gromit-style magic with our hands-on Claymation team building activity.

Remember the smell of plasticine?

Our Claymation activity develops team collaboration, storytelling ability, communication skills and all-round confidence to get people expressing ideas. They learn from professionals and get a hands-on experience in creating scripts, producing, sculpting characters and props using Plasticine and making their own creative animation. Our Claymation activity will:

  • Develop innovation
  • Unite teams
  • Overcome fear of failure
  • Improve public speaking
  • Embed business values
  • Engage curiosity

What is Claymation?

Learn all about our Claymation activity by watching this short film.

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How our Claymation film activity works

Create an idea

Using a brief, teams creatively brainstorm film ideas for a screenplay.

Making models

We provide all of the Plasticine required to make characters, sets and props.


Learn to craft your animation with our software in just two minutes.

Screen the film

Teams showcase their films and everyone can get a copy to share.

Professional edit

Many clients love the films so much, they ask us to work our magic on them afterwards for an ultra professional finish. 

With a professional edit

In post-production we can add sounds, special effects and visuals to make your film feel like a real movie for an additional fee

Don’t worry though

In all our standard Claymation sessions, films are delivered to the client as-shot, after the event (raw video files with no sound or effects).

Plasticine workshop
plasticine elvis

Additional services

Professional Puppets

For a head start, we can use our pre-mould Plasticine Mini-Me blank character, created by us at our professional studio. This saves times, helps beginners and gets teams to focus on the fun stuff like sets, props and adding clothes, a face and hair. And, of course, animating!


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