At the end of every Animation Team Building session, each team will present their films in a big group screening and then that’s it all over, right? Wrong!

There are many ways our animation away days can add value to your business and these benefits continue well after the main event has finished.

After the event we encourage businesses to develop a legacy from the day, using the films to continue to promote the core themes explored in the session. Maybe the activity was part of a conference, seminar or a celebration of success within the business? If so, using the film after the event can help to inspire, motivate and re-enforce values with your staff.

While the skills learned during our sessions are all transferable to the workplace, the messages and company values portrayed in the films can also be used in future activities and marketing.

Here are just a few ideas:

Roll it through your marketing strategy

Sharing the films with your online audience through social media or an e-card campaign can help build brand personality and create a closer relationship with your audience. With authentic and engaging video content proven to be more popular with audiences than regular posts, these animations offer the perfect way to grab the attention of your followers. Better than doing another boring emailer right?

Share your film

Share your films internally

Your animations can be taken back to the office and shared internally with the wider workplace. Celebrating success in this way can give staff a greater sense of belonging and help build self esteem. So what better way to break-away from the usual dry, internal memos than by sharing a memorable, fun film that all your staff will remember for weeks and months to come.

Take-away and print

Delegates love the novelty of our events, and are given the option to take home their amazing creations too. In the past our bespoke models have been photographed and used to make department calendars, posters and office displays, all of which can remind your team what they achieved working together.

A Professional Edit and Screening

Many of our clients love their films so much, they ask us to work our magic and give them an ultra professional finish. Taking the raw animation and giving it the Hollywood blockbuster treatment with our professional edit not only dramatically improve the quality of the film but it also means you get to hold a brand new screening for everyone to enjoy!

Depending on the content of the film, the new edit film can also be used for training or marketing purposes within your company. The professional edit can add titles and credits to the films, giving everyone involved a sense of ownership and achievement, which can be vital in boosting morale amongst your staff.

If you want to know more how animation team building can benefit your company and add value to your team, please fill in the quick quote form online or contact us today.