Brick Films

In the last 10 years we’ve run over 400 team building activities for small companies to household names, as well as major events and conferences. Create your own Hollywood-style movie trailer with our Brick Films experience using LEGO™.

Who doesn’t love LEGO™?

Re-energise your team with our Brick Film sessions, which teaches people an end-to-end creative process including brainstorming, storyboarding and animating their own stop-motion film using LEGO™. Our activity helps people gain confidence, be more assertive and collaborative while learning how to innovate. LEGO™ is a great unifier, as it is easy to use for all abilities. We tailor to your learning objective and our sessions will:

  • Engage curiosity
  • Develop innovation and creativity
  • Unite teams
  • Overcome fear of failure
  • Improve public speaking
  • Embed business values

What are Brick films?

Learn all about our Brick Films activity by watching this short film.

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How our brick film activity works

Create an idea

Using a brief, teams creatively brainstorm film ideas for a screenplay.

Making models

Use our 100,000 LEGO™ bricks for endless set, character and prop variety.


 Learn to craft an animation with our technology in just two minutes.

Screen the film

Teams showcase their films and everyone can get a copy to share.

Professional edit

Many clients love the films so much, they ask us to work our magic on them afterwards for an ultra professional finish.

With a professional edit

In post-production we can add sounds, special effects and visuals to make your film feel like a real movie for an additional fee.

Don’t worry though

In all our standard Brick Film sessions, films are delivered to the client as-shot, after the event (raw video files with no sound or effects).

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