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Workshop Structure

set the brief

1. Set a Brief

We work with your objectives
to set a challenge for your team
or you can choose one from
our pre-made themes.

film script

2.   Write Your Film Script

You’ll use your imagination and
work together  to come up with
an amazing idea for your
group’s film.

Make a model

3.    Make a Model

Next up we get the plasticine out!
Each person will get to make
a model for the film and with
the help of animation professional
giving you tips of the trade.

Get animating

4. Get Animating

Stop-motion animation
requires observational,
storytelling and timing skills.
You’ll need to collaborate
as a team to craft your film.

big premier

5. The Big Premiere

A member of each team
will present their group’s film,
before they are all projected
onto the big screen for
everyone to see the end result.

Share the experience

6. Share the Experience

Once the session is over everyone
gets to take their plasticine
characters home and of course
we’ll send you the film afterwards
to share internally or online.

The Outcome





  • Breaks down barriers and creates new dynamic teams.
  • Reinforces your company culture.
  • Brings departments together.
  • Increases productivity
  • Connects team with your company strategy.
  • A memorable and rich experience that impacts the bottom line.
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The Facts

98% of participants were motivated by the session

*Yearly survey of 5738 participants

95% of participants give it 5 stars

*Stralfors International Team Building Event 2015

74% of participants said it had real impact on their organisation's bottom line

*Yearly survey of 5738 participants


Sculpt a selfie

A hands-on creative team building activity which sees delegates creating a plasticine ‘selfie’


This brilliantly creative bite-size activity offers participants an entertaining platform to network and get creative.


Workshop options from 20 minutes – 1 hour durations or 3 hour drop-ins and suitable for indoor or outdoor, with limited venue requirements and set up time required.


Use external as part of a trade show activity, sponsorship engagement, brand activation or internally as an ice breaker, energiser, party or kids activity.


All characters are photographed and compiled into a video montage, creating a memento of the event and its attendees, which can be shared with delegates sponsors and on social media.

1. Collect your materials

With the help of a model making professional, collect your sculpting materials

2. Make your ‘selfie’

Re-discover the joy of playing with plasticine to create your own Wallace and Gromit style model

plasticine team building activities

3. Take a ‘selfie’

Now you’ve made you plasticine self portrait, it’s time to take the perfect photo to be compiled in a selfie film!

4. Share the experience

When the session is over, everyone takes their plasticine model home and we’ll send you the film afterwards to share

About us


Animation Team Building is run by A+C Studios – an animation production company specialising in stop motion animation. A+C Studios has run over 500 animation workshops to meet a growing demand for creative problem solving and solution-based thinking.

A team of animators, story tellers, technicians and makers; A+C Studios specialise in combining hand crafted and original stop motion techniques with digital artistry. Schooled at Aardman Animations, A+C Studios founder and director, Dan Richards, worked on the Oscar-nominated film Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Wererabbit.

A+C provides full service production, in-house from their studio where they run award-winning projects, from initial brief to final production. The studio boasts 5,000 sq ft of production space which includes a fully equipped model making workshop for set and character construction, two 1,000 sq ft stop motion spaces, a digital animation studio and an editing suite. A+C Studios’ advertising clients include Samsung, ITV, Harrods, NHS, Fujitsu and Unilever.

Visit A+C Studios

We work with your objectives to deliver a fun-filled tailored package.


We work internationally.


We work with large scale organisations.


We work with creative and non-creative organisations.


All tools and materials are provided.


We’re not just workshop providers; we’re a professional animation studio creating stand-out content,
commercials and film. So, you’ll get a director’s treatment!

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